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  • The Huawei EchoLife HG8010H is a bridging-type ONT used in the Huawei all-optical access solution. It implements ultra-broadband access through GPON technology.
    It provides 1 GE port. The high-performance forwarding capability ensures the service experience of data and HD video services and provides users with ideal terminal solutions and future-oriented.
    • Huawei EPON ONU HG8010H
    • Configuration: 1GE
    • Fiber Input Port: SC/UPC
    • Fiber Type: Bridge
    • Weight(including power Supply): about 500g
    • Power input: AC 110-240V
    • Power: 2.5W
    • Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40
    • Working environment humidity: 5 ~ 95% (non condensing)

Product Description

The EchoLife HG8010H is an indoor optical network terminal (ONT) in the Huawei FTTH solution. By using EPON technology, ultra-broadband access is provided for home and SOHO users. The HG8010H provides one GE/FE auto-adapting Ethernet port. The HG8010 features high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure an excellent experience with VoIP, Internet, and HD video services.

Plug-and-play: services can be deployed by one click on the NMS, and on-site configuration is not required.

Remote diagnosis: Remote fault locating is implemented by the loop-line test of POTS ports, call emulation, and PPPoE dialup emulation initiated by the NMS.

Link monitoring: E2E link detection is achieved using 802.1ag Ethernet OAM.

High-speed forwarding: 900 Mbit/s forwardings in the NAT scenario.

IPv6 Capability: support IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack and DS-Lite.

Key Features:

Plug and play: Configurations are automatically delivered by the Network Management System so on-site commissioning is not required

Remote diagnosis: POTS ports support loop line tests and call simulation tests, implementing remote fault locating. Supports remote batch upgrades, and up to 2,000 devices can be upgraded each hour

Link monitoring: IEEE 802.1ag-based Ethernet OAM that implements end-to-end (E2E) link detection and network isolation

Energy-wise: SOC chips feature high-integration capabilities. Each chip integrates the PON, voice, gateway, and LSW modules, with 25 percent power savings

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